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Le Berre Vevaud


Each project is a unique creation, the customer is the centerpiece. Raphaël Le Berre and Thomas Vevaud attach particular importance to the personality and lifestyle of each of their clients: these are the specificities that shape their ideas and give them depth.

But above all, they meet their customers’ expectations in order to respond accurately to their needs and offer an atmosphere that corresponds to each one’ s desires.
For each project, they create sophisticated, sober and irreproachable spaces, in which the attention to detail reveals their taste for beautiful materials and handmade products.

In a very sensitive way, they know how to combine for their clients a heterogeneous collection of art objects with their universe, to give life to high quality, finely chiselled creations.

They blend materials and periods with brio in a perfect balance, creating elegant realisations that are always tinted with a beautiful simplicity.
These exceptional living spaces are reinterpreted in a neoclassical sobriety where accents of colours and materials enhance their architectural writing.